Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tournament Poker Professional Player Profile: PHIL HELLMUTH JR.

Phil Hellmuth is perhaps better known for his ill tempered outbursts and un-sportsmanlike table antics than his poker skills. Nicknamed 'the poker brat' Hellmuth has s string of well publicized tantrums - many recorded live on TV.

Behind this 'brat' image actually lies one of the world's most skillful and accomplished poker players. Phil Hellmuth is not only the record holder for the number of World Series Bracelets won - he has a string of tournament successes dating back many years in other events too. Hellmuth's total tournament winnings as of 2007 were almost $10 Million.
As well as a keen poker mind Phil Hellmuth is also a great businessman. Capitalizing on his fame with a string of books, videos and his own website. He also writes a regular column for Card Player magazine.
Born in 1964 in Wisconsin, Hellmuth's first experiences will poker came while studying at university in Madison. He dropped out after 3 years to play poker full-time, a move that was rewarded shortly afterwards by becoming the youngest player ever to win the World Series Main Event, beating poker legend Johnny Chan in the process.In 2007 Hellmuth over-took Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan to become the leader in WSOP bracelets with 11 Titles. Phil Hellmuth also holds the record for total number of cashes and jointly holds the highest number of final tables with another poker legend T J Cloutier.
The list of non-WSOP tournament wins and final tables is huge for Hellmuth. While this does not include any WPT wins there are many prestigious championships included in the list. These include winning the NBC Heads-Up Championship in 2005 (defeating Chris 'Jesus' Ferguson), Season 3 Late Night Poker Champion and regular appearances on Late Night Poker and Poker After Dark.While Phil Hellmuth has many critics due to his unprofessional manner at the tables there is no doubt that his record makes him one of poker's all time greats. It could also be argued that his table antics have been 'good television' and helped to increase the popularity of poker over recent years..

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